Imagine San Francisco's civic spine, MARKET STREET, transformed by a two-mile long expression of public art.


LIGHTRAIL will reflect the movement of human energy from Embarcadero to Van Ness Avenue. It's goal is to catalyze a Market Street that is more magical, connected, inviting, and alive.

The project is presented by ILLUMINATE, the arts non-profit founded and led by Ben Davis. Lightrail has been permitted by the City, and we are currently bringing San Franciscans together to raise the $6 Million needed to begin installation in 2017. 


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The Bay Lights by artist Leo Villareal. Photo by James Ewing. 

The Bay Lights by artist Leo Villareal. Photo by James Ewing. 

ILLUMINATE rallies large groups of people together to create impossible works of public art that, through awe, free humanity's better nature. 

ILLUMINATE’s flagship project is The Bay Lights, one of the largest pieces of public art in history.




LIGHTRAIL creators George Zisiadis and Stefano Corazza work at the intersection of art, technology, and the public realm. They’ve exhibited public artwork in museums and cities across the United States. Together they have years of expertise in creating engaging, transformative experiences in public space.

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Mark Slee develops algorithmic light patterns inspired both by organic and mathematical processes. These explore the way our visual perception works, creating a vivid, colorful experience that is pleasing both aesthetically and intellectually.


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